History of Quad City Ultralight Aircraft Corp.

The first Challenger single place Ultralight was designed in 1982 and Quad City Ultralight Aircraft Corporation was founded in 1983. Founders Chuck Hamilton, David Goulet, and William Ehlers started the factory in Moline, IL and to this day all Challenger kits are manufactured in the same building. Almost all Challenger components are made ‘in house’ in order to meet the exact standards that have made Challenger the longest running same owner, same design Ultralight and experimental aircraft manufacturers in the world.

To date, over 4000 single place and two place Challenger have been sold all over the world. There are Challengers in nearly every country in Europe, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Brazil, Paraguay, Taiwan, Canada, Iceland, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Clearly this line of aircraft is one of the most popular in aviation and one of the most proven, safest designs in any category.

In January of 2017 there were 34 dealers in 21 different states from Maine to California and Florida to Washington. Many have been affiliated with the Challenger factory since the early days and have unsurpassed knowledge of these wonderful aircraft. However, our dealerships don’t stop in the US. Be sure to check out our Dealer Directory for dealers in Canada, Mexico, France and Peru.

The Challenger is uniquely versatile-it switches quickly and easily between wheels, tundra wheels, skis, penetration wheel/skis, retractable wheel/skis, straight floats, and amphibious floats.

The Challenger’s STOL performance and payload are extraordinary. A wide speed range and impressive crosswind capability, together with a cockpit having unrestricted visibility, make it a delightful and capable platform for long distance cross-county flights as well as low and slow Ultralight sightseeing.

Challengers also make great motorgliders, with recorded engine-off flights of several hours and altitude gains of many thousands of feet, even on amphibs! In the US they can be flown as Light Sport Aircraft with a Sport Pilot License.

There is no other airplane, at any price, with this broad mix of talents!